Trek School Philosophy

Trek School's Educational Program


Goals of Trek School


The main goal of Trek School is to deliver an educational experience to students superior to anything else they can find in high school. The program is designed to help students experience greater levels of academic achievement, but it is also designed to help students develop in the areas of independent learning, critical and creative thinking, and personal and social growth. It is a goal of the program for students to not only learn more, but to find greater meaning in what they learn. The methods used to accomplish these goals include the following:

  1. Experiential Learning: In Trek School we try to go to the places that we are talking about. We believe place-based learning to be especially academically enriching.
  2. Inquiry Based Learning: In Trek School students experience many activities where they ask questions about the locations that we see and then investigate those questions. We believe that this helps students develop critical and creative thinking skills.
  3. Alternative Structure: We focus more on project work, have a more open classroom structure, and often give students the opportunity to direct their learning. We coach students on how to adapt to these new learning situations and we believe that this helps students develop more autonomy, more agency in their learning, better time management skills, and a deeper level of investment in their learning.
  4. Academic, Physical, and Emotional Challenge: Although much of high school is already challenging, we are very attentive to the kinds of challenges that students in Trek School are faced with and what they get out of these challenges. Not only do we deliver a challenging academic program, but students are physically and emotionally challenged by the activities on our various trips. Although this sounds daunting, by the end of the program most students are thriving on these challenges rather than being intimidated or avoiding them.
  5. Student-Centred Approach: In Trek School we base much of the learning program on students' individual needs. The curricular objectives are the same as any other student would experience in the school system, but the methods we use are very diverse. In the last two months of Trek School, many students work on a unique set of projects that they help create with the help of the Trek School staff. We find that this helps increase the level of student engagement and helps students find deeper meaning in their work while maintaining the level of academic rigor.

Other Benefits of Trek School Include:

  • Looking forward to going to school
  • Finding greater joy in learning
  • Increased personal awareness and personal reflection skills
  • Increased environmental awareness
  • Increased awareness of the diversity of landscapes of Saskatchewan
  • Greater understanding of what it means to be a good citizen of Canada
  • Increased maturity
  • Increased ability to cope with challenging situations

What We Expect of Trek School Students:

We believe that students entering Trek School are getting a great educational experience. However, getting the most out of the program is contingent on students meeting the following expectations:

  • Hard work
  • Positive attitude
  • Open mind
  • Willingness to take on a challenge
  • Willingness to do different things
  • Commitment