A Day in the Life of Trek School

In reality, every day in Trek School is different so it is very difficult to describe a single day in the life of a Trek School student. However, our school days usually fall into one of three categories: 1) Classroom Days  2) Day Trip Days  3) Overnight Trip Days. Each type of day is described in more detail below.


Classroom Days

Classroom days in Trek School look quite similar to classroom days in any other school. We read, write, research, and create projects on topics involving Biology, Geography, Journalism, and Social Studies. We  use computer labs, science labs, and libraries. However there are also some significant differences. We spend all afternoon with the same group of people (usually two teachers and 22 students). We ignore the bells and spend different amounts of time doing our work. Sometimes if an activity takes only 15 minutes, we use only that amount of time and move on. Other times, we spend all day working on a project so that it is not broken up into one hour chunks. Additionally, the nature of our work can be different. We spend a lot of time during the semester working on projects that integrate material from two or more subject areas. We also try to have the students use their own interests in choosing how they are to go about their work. This does not mean that students get to avoid doing the work that they would do in regular school. Our students still do a great deal of work (in most cases, more work) during the semester. But we hope that by handling class differently it will make the work that students do more interesting, fun, and meaningful for them, and that they will get more out of the semester than they would otherwise.



Day Trip Days


The second type of day a student will often expereince in Trek School is a day trip day. We spend up to 25 days a semester taking day trips to places within Regina or outside the city. In Regina we use Wascana Park, the university, and various museums as our learning environment for the day. We also travel outside the city to Wascana Trails, Hidden Valley, the Avonlea Badlands, or the Ft. Qu'Appelle area for the day. Often we go to these places for dual purposes. We examine academic subjects while engaging in recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or canoeing.


Overnight Trip Days

Our overnight trips are often the highlight of a semester in Trek School. We spend around 25 days during the semester travelling to and staying in other parts of the province. While we are there we cross-country ski, hike, camp, backpack and canoe all the while studying Biology, Geography, Social Studies, and using video, digital photography, and graphic design to create projects. For more detail about our trips and where we go, please visit the trips page.